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In the commercial world, there are always people looking for gain, whether it is actually deserved or not. Exploiting weaknesses in people, the system, and any other avenue seems to be a common theme unfortunately. Keeping your office secure and safe, especially in your absence is one of the biggest priorities you have. With that in mind, we at Commercial Lock & Key would like to take the opportunity to list ways you can improve the security of your commercial office.

Suggestions for Workplace & Office Building Security Guidelines & Procedures

1) Safe work space. Whether your commercial office is a section of a building, or the whole building itself, keeping it safeguarded is crucial to protect sensitive information, legal documentation, cash, valuables, computer access, and all manner of things need to be considered when it comes to security. Opting to install a safe for money and other valuables is optimal. It is best to have your safe concealed from view but it is definitely ideal to have one in any case. If you already own one or have firmly decided to invest in one, be sure to change the combination regularly by a professional to keep the vaulted items safer. Filing cabinets enforced with a lock and key improves the security of sensitive information. Files, documents, and other such paperwork that should be looked at by limited personnel should be locked away when not in use. Not only will it benefit you, but your clients and any staff members will instantly feel a little more at ease knowing their personal information is secure. High quality security door for the office entry is another option to improve the security of your office. Installing a keyless entry where a code or card is needed will keep track of anyone coming and going and make your office more protected.
2) Quality locks on the building. Security is constantly being improved and keeping your main doors locked with the latest high quality doors is essential to keep anyone from imposing and putting your office at risk. If you are renting a space in larger commercial building, communicate your concerns with the property manager.
3) Alarm system. An alarm system is another option to secure the building and the contents inside. Not only will the alarming sounds offset potential intruders, but law enforcement will be notified.
4) Security lighting. Motion sensor lighting and enhanced lighting that illuminates the building is an excellent crime deterrent.
5) CCTV. Quality CCTV systems installed in your system is an extra incentive for those looking to stir up mischief to think twice as well as anyone caught on video attempting to anything they shouldn’t will now have physical evidence of their wrong doings.
6) Laptop Lock. During burglary attempts, laptops among other valuable equipment are often targeted. With a number of laptop locks and security measures, or at the very least, include it in the safe; your office laptop needs to be well protected.

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The above mentioned tips are just a few examples as to how you can improve the security of your commercial office. If you are looking to enhance your security, call in the experts of Commercial Lock & Key to discuss the options that will improve the safety of your office.


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